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Tuesday 17th July 2007


9.00 to 5.00 pm (lunch will be provided)


One day

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The aim of this workshop is to help participants to develop their ability to state their views confidently, to listen and inquire into the views of others, and to come up with outcomes which are acceptable to everyone involved. The workshop will also invite participants to consider ways in which they behave unassertively – for instance, being unable to say No or failing to stand up for themselves.


The workshop will be both participative and practical. It will offer some simple frameworks and models to make sense of assertiveness but will be mainly concerned with allowing participants to rehearse and practise conversations which are more assertive. 


Participants need to be willing to talk – in an atmosphere of support and confidentiality - about circumstances where they personally find it difficult to behave assertively. They need to think in advance of some situations they would like to explore during the workshop. 

Aimed at

Non academic staff in all roles


Room CMR 1.1 University House

Lead by

Bob Thomson, Management Development Adviser, Centre for Academic and Professional Development

Dr Jay Dempster, Deputy Director Centre for Academic and Professional Development

Contact for more booking information

Val Bentick, Administrator Centre for Academic and Professional Development



Please prepare by identifying some situations you would like to explore during the workshop. 

How to request a place

Please discuss your training needs and your reasons for wishing to attend the session with your line manager. Both you and your manager are asked to complete our brief application form and return it to Val Bentick, at the Centre for Academic and Professional Development.

We will contact you to let you know if you have a place.