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BCB Seminar - Mr Guilherme Correia

At a Glance
Date: 15 February 2012
Time: 1.30-2.00pm
Location: T0.08, Clinical Trials Unit, Warwick Medical School
Open To: Staff and students
Cost: Free
Summary: Seminar by Mr Guilherme Correia: PRC1 and centralspindlin - the two microtubule bundling factors essential for cytokinesis

Mr Guilherme Correia, PhD Student, Biomedical Cell Biology Division, University of Warwick, delivers a seminar on "PRC1 and centralspindlin - the two microtubule bundling factors essential for cytokinesis".

The central spindle and the midbody are post metaphase microtubule bundle-based structures critical for cytokinesis. Two conserved factors required for the formation of these structures are PRC1 and centralspindlin. While these proteins individually show microtubule-bundling activity in vitro, both factors are required in vivo. How these factors cooperate is a critical question to understand the molecular mechanism of cytokinesis. Recent work has already established the importance of a direct physical interaction between them. However, the molecular details of how this interaction contributes to the formation and maintenance of the microtubule bundles are still unclear.

All staff and students are welcome and there is no need to register in advance. If you have any queries, please contact Gemma Wild at
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