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Being Human Seminar: Where is Robotics Going?

On Thursday 15 March, Professor Alan Winfield, EPSRC Senior Media Fellow and Director of the Science Communication Unit at University of the West of England, Bristol will be giving a talk entitled: ‘Where is Robotics Going’?

In the talk at 5.00pm (R0.03/4) Professor Winfield explores the future of robotics, which is currently receiving a great deal of attention. The reason for this owes much to the fact that robots have a significant place in our cultural imagination. Thus roboticists find themselves having to address fears and fascinations that often have little to do with the reality of robotics. His lecture will discuss the question of robotic futures by – as far as possible – unpicking the fantastical and the plausible. Like any transformative technology, intelligent robotics has the potential for huge benefit, but is not without risk. Seventy years ago Asimov created his fictional laws of robotics; Professor Winfield suggests that it is now time for a revision. While he believes that it makes no sense to talk about how present-day or near-future robots can be ethical, he will outline the case for a new ethical code for roboticists.

After a stimulating discussion light refreshments will be served. The event is open to staff, students, alumni and the general public.