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Biology Seminars: Spring Term 2010

The Department of Biological Sciences is hosting a series of seminars every Friday of the Spring Term 2010 at 12:45pm in room GLT 1, Biological Sciences building. They are as follows:

15 January Dr. H. Drakesmith,
John Radcliffe Hospital,
University of OXFORD
"Iron and infection – hepcidin BMPs us off"
22 January Professor P. Mertens,
Institute for Animal Health,
"The threats to Europe posed by Blue-tongue and the other orbiviruses: An update and future perspective"
29 January Dr. C. Thompson,
Faculty of Life Sciences,
University of MANCHESTER
"Towards an understanding of the genetic regulation of social behaviour: conflict and cooperation in a social amoeba"
5 February Professor G. Calvert,
International Manufacturing Centre,
University of WARWICK
"Multisensory integration in the human brain: insights from combined neuro-imaging techniques"
12 February Dr. D. Biro,
Department of Zoology,
University of OXFORD
"From individual to collective decisions in animal navigation"
19 February Professor N. Clayton,
Department of Psychiatry,
University of CAMBRIDGE
"The evolution and development of mental time travel"
26 February Professor G. C. K. Roberts,
Department of Biochemistry,
University of LEICESTER
"The cytoskeletal protein talin: versatile helical bundle domains"
5 March Professor S. Grant,
Wellcome Sanger Centre,
"Organization and evolution of postsynaptic cognitive mechanisms"
12 March Dr. S. Fisher,
The Wellcome Trust Centre,
University of OXFORD
"Building bridges between genes, brains and language"
19 March Mike Jetten,
Department of Microbiology,
Radboud University Nijmegen
"Discovery of "impossible" methane-munching microbes: a tribute to Howard Dalton"