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Engaging with the Regional Media - for Social Scientists

This afternoon session is intended to help social scientists work with the regional media - one important way of getting research findings to a non-academic audience. The workshop is not aimed at the confident few who can pick up the phone to the Daily Mail or the BBC with no fear or trepidation. The content considers on how to initiate and create good relations with regional media and also with relevant specialist websites and magazines.

As a starting point it is worth thinking about news coverage in two distinct formats:

  • Proactive - when you have a new piece of research that you wish to publicise
  • Reactive - when your views are sought, or you offer them, on a breaking story

In order to understand how best this can be achieved it is useful to appreciate the way journalists think about their job and about your story - and the key question they will ask themselves is "Does this make news?"


  • 1.30 Welcome, Hannah Bradby, University of Warwick and Linda McKie British Sociological Association (BSA).
  • 1.40 Engaging with the national print media, Chris Arnott, Freelance Journalist who writes regularly for the Guardian and the Independent on research and education.
  • 2.00 Engaging with the regional media, Fiona Scott, Coventry Telegraph (T.B.C.)
  • 2.20 Getting research stories into the media, Peter Dunn, Communications Office, University of Warwick
  • 2.40 to 4pm Practical workshop and discussion, Professor Ivor Gaber, BSA Media Consultant, Freelance Journalist/Consultant. Previously Professor of Broadcast Media, Goldsmiths and journalist with BBC, ITN, and range of print media.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available.

Numbers limited to 20 – please book early. All welcome. You do not have to be a BSA member to participate.

Bookings should be sent to Maria Breslin / Linda McKie;