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Politics Workshop – Placement Learning in Politics: Essential, Added Value or Plain Frivolous?

This workshop, facilitated by the Framework for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL) project ‘The Scholarship of Engagement for Politics’ will explore the value of placement learning and will bring together colleagues from within PAIS and other related disciplines.

Given the increased emphasis upon graduate employability, university departments are being encouraged to review their undergraduate curricula and develop integrated opportunities for placement learning. Whilst placements are ‘nothing new’, their presence within the UK Politics curriculum is surprisingly small.

The workshop will explore whether placement learning has a place within the Politics curriculum and will discuss the pedagogic reasoning for and practice of placement learning, the types of placement that can work within the Politics curriculum, principles of good practice in placement learning, the common pitfalls, and issues surrounding assessment and student support.

Who should attend?

If you are interested in placement learning in Politics and getting students engaged in their learning, have been tasked with reviewing your undergraduate curriculum with a view to introducing placement learning or already offer placements as part of your curriculum and would like to offer your perspective and exchange ideas on reviewing your scheme, then this workshop is for you.

The emphasis of this workshop is upon exchanging ideas, but will also present some research from an ongoing project involving the Universities of Warwick, Coventry and Oxford Brookes, examining the role of placement learning in Politics, funded by HEFCE. The workshop will include perspectives from students, employers and academic colleagues already involved in placement learning.

Registration is free and includes lunch and refreshments.

Outline of Programme

- Placement Learning in Politics: The Westminster ‘model’

Professor The Lord Norton of Louth, University of Hull

- Generic models of placement learning

- Why so few? Surveying placement learning in Politics in the UK

- What works for Politics/International Relations?

- Student Perceptions of Placement Learning

- The Value of Placement Learning: Practitioners’ Perspectives

- Reflecting on Placement Learning on Politics: plain frivolous?

Download the registration form here.