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Feed the Children Charity Abseil

Joining the charity abseil and raise a minimum sponsorship of £100. This can help feed 400 children a mid-day meal (@ 25p each) or treat 200 children with de-worming medication.

Feed the Children are looking for teams of 4 –-10 people from organisations in Warwickshire or individuals to join the Feed the Children Charity Abseil.

Feed the Children is a relatively young charity, just 30 years old. Formed in 1979 to assist those living in poverty in area’s affected by conflict, natural disasters, famine, and drought.

Joy Cartwright, Regional Fundraising Manager, says:

"We have over 30 projects worldwide, we work in area’s like Liberia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Angola, Iraq, often going into war torn area’s when no one else will go. This coupled with our schools feeding programmes (we feed over 400,000 children their main meal everyday in Africa) means that we respond to emergency situations as they arise.

"We are currently raising awareness of our de-worming programme. Did you know that thousands of children are affected by parasitic infestations (worms)? These infestations can cause misery and can often eat 1/3 of any food eaten by an infected child. Just 50p can treat a child with medication, keeping them worm free and making the food we give to them more effective."

For more information contact Joy Cartwright at