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The Festival of Learning

At a Glance
Tuesday 14 September 2010
09:30am – 5pm
King’s College, London
Open To:
Free (registration required)
A festival, celebrating the innovative teaching and learning taking place at the University of Warwick and King’s College London.
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All Warwick staff are invited to the free Festival of Learning to celebrate the innovative teaching and learning taking place at the University of Warwick and King's College London. This festival marks the end of a year long project exploring undergraduate curriculum development, run by Warwick and King's College.

The festival will open with keynote presentations from leading international academics which will stimulate a lively debate on curriculum reform. This will be followed by a series of seminars on various aspects of teaching and learning led by invited speakers from Warwick and King's. A diverse range of activities and projects from both institutions will be showcased during the event.

You can choose to attend the full day, or just the morning or afternoon. The event is free but registration is required.

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Transport from Warwick to the event can be arranged for those who require it.

Keynote Presentations
  • Professor Steve Fuller, University of Warwick:
    Has the university lost its place as the centre of the knowledge society?
  • David Hays, University of Chicago:
    Learning through serving in the community
  • Professor Bryan MacGregor, University of Aberdeen:
    Curriculum innovation in an ancient university
  • Professor Amy Tsui, University of Hong Kong:
    Culture and identity in the global era: re-envisioning undergraduate curriculum