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Philosophy and Religion in Late Fifteenth-Century Florence

The Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) will play host to a seminar named "Philosophy and Religion in Late Fifteenth-Century Florence: Giovanni Caroli and Giorgio Benigno Salviati" from 4pm to 6pm on Tuesday 9 February in the IAS seminar room, Millburn House.

The purpose of this research seminar is to provide two different perspectives – historical and philosophical – on religious culture in Florence at the end of the fifteenth century and for the speaker's to each explore the immediate reception of Savonarola's religious reform in Florence.

This event is free of charge and all are welcome to attend. Places are limited, so please register by contacting Dr Annunziata Videtta:

Leading the seminar:

Dr Amos Edelheit (NUI, Maynooth)
"Giovanni Caroli between Humanist and Scholastic Contexts"

Dr Maude Vanhaelen (Warwick)
"Platonism and Demonology after Savonarola: Giorgio Benigno Salviati and his De Natura Angelica"

Respondent: Professor Peter Mack (Warwick)