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Karen Barad, Myra Hird and Elizabeth Wilson Visit Warwick

With the support of IAS, Karen Barad, Myra Hird and Elizabeth Wilson will visit Warwick. Each of these scholars have considerable reputations in the field of interdisciplinary science studies. In their distinctive ways, Professors Barad, Hird and Wilson are providing new theoretical approaches which have their roots in feminism and which challenge conventional wisdoms of ontology and epistemology in the study of the social and natural through which they draw upon, inter alia, quantum physics, bacteria and artificial intelligence. Their visit will be of particular relevance to colleagues in psychology, sociology, politics, education, history, health and medicine, philosophy and gender studies.

All are welcome

  • Thursday 9 June, 3pm to 5pm, Gillian Rose Room (R3.25), Ramphal Building, 3rd Floor:
    READING GROUP In preparation for this visit, we have organised a reading group. Discussion will be facilitated by Steve Fuller. Further details of the readings can be obtained from Jeannette Silva-Flores (
  • Monday 13 June, 12:00pm to 2pm, Gillian Rose Room (R3.25), Ramphal Building, 3rd Floor:
    (including lunch): Interdisciplinary Research Symposium: An exchange and discussion based on the work of Professors Wilson, Hird and Barad
  • Monday 13 June, 5pm to 6:30pm, Room S0.21 Ground Floor Social Studies Building:
    Public Lecture: Myra Hird, Elizabeth Wilson and Karen Barad In Conversation: What can feminism, the human sciences and the natural sciences each learn from the others?’ Interlocuter: Professor Steve Fuller
  • Tuesday 14 June, 10:30am to 12pm, Room SO.28 Ground Floor Social Studies Building:
    Early Career Advance Class: An opportunity to explore developing research in this area from Warwick early career colleagues and to explore further interdisciplinary and institutional linkages.