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Instructional Workshop - Surfaces: Geometry and Arithmetic

Instructional Workshop - Surfaces: Geometry and Arithmetic

Monday 14th April - Friday 18th April 2008


This school is part of the April–June Active Period in Arithmetic Geometry and the 2007-2008 Warwick Maths Institute EPSRC Symposium.

Day 1:
  • Picard group and easy examples
  • Canonical divisor on hypersurface of degree d hypersurface in P^n (complete interscetions in exercises)
  • classification and the minimal model program
Day 2 and Day 3:
  • Picard group of del Pezzo surfaces, mentioning: Riemann-Roch on surfaces, genus and effectivity of (-1)-curves, the adjunction formula
  • Root lattices and their automorphism groups
  • Segre-Manin theorem for degree at least 4 (minus one for exercises) (S-M says existence of a rational point implies that rational points are Zariski-dense)
  • Segre-Manin for degree 3 del Pezzos
  • Growth of rational points of bounded height
Day 4 and Day 5 (Brauer-Manin obstruction):
  • explicitly computed examples of Brauer-Manin obstructions through quadratic reciprocity, the unenlightning way.
  • central simple algebras and Brauer groups
  • reformulate easy examples the enlightning way
  • harder Brauer-Manin obstruction examples (e.g. cubic surfaces) with given algebra
  • What was done to find the algebra?
  • Further directions. Brauer-Manin is not the only one, when is it?

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