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Interdisciplinary in Teaching & Learning at Monash & Warwick

IATL logoThe Institute of Advanced Teaching & Learning (IATL) invites staff and students to attend a joint presentation by academics and students from Monash and Warwick Universities on approaches to interdisciplinary material. The workshop is limited to 30 participants. A continental breakfast will be available from 7.30am.

Workshop Programme:

8am: Professor Ann Caesar (PVC, Education and Student Experience, Warwick): Introduction

8.15: Dr Paul Taylor (Associate Professor, Chemistry; Director of IATL, Warwick): 'Student Engagement as an Essential Ingredient in Breaking Down Disciplinary Boundaries'

8.30: Professor Susanna Scaarparo (Associate Dean, Arts; Senior Lecturer in Italian, Monash): 'Interdisciplinarity in a Non-discipline: Italian Studies'

8.45: Jonathan Heron (Teaching Fellow, IATL, Warwick), will lead the Student Ensemble in delivering student testimony of interdisciplinary experiences at Warwick

9.00: Grier Palmer (Principal Teaching Fellow and Assistant Dean, Teaching and Learning, Warwick Business School): 'Piloting Interdisciplinary Modules for Undergraduate at Warwick'

9.15: Dr Mark Gibson (Senior Lecturer, Communication and Media Studies, Monash): 'The Paradox of an Interdisciplinary Discipline: the Case of Cultural Studies'

9.30: Dr Paul Prescott (Associate Professor, English, Warwick): 'The Faust Project: One Way of Being (interdisciplinary) in the University'

9.45: Closing Discussion.

For further information visit, or to book a place contact: