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Mexico at Warwick

An afternoon of events celebrating five centuries of Mexican food, culture and history will take place from 1pm to 5:30pm on Wednesday 25 November in Warwick Arts Centre.

The programme of events will be as follows:

1.00pm to 2.00pm Mexican Celebrity Chef Patricia Quintana discusses Mexican Food Past and Present with the Historian Jeffrey Pilcher
Conference Room, Warwick Arts Centre
2.30pm to 5.30pm International Symposium: Imagining La Malinche
Conference Room, Warwick Arts Centre
3.00pm to 5.00pm Master class with Patricia Quintana
Panorama Suite, Warwick Arts Centre
5.30pm Reception
Warwick Arts Centre


About the “Imagining La Malinche” Symposium

Malintzin, La Malinche, Doña Marina… that Aztec woman born in central Mexico some time in the early sixteenth century who was Hernán Cortés’s translator, advisor and lover occupies a unique role in modern Mexican culture. Castigated as la chingada, the violated woman who represents all women, lauded as a feminist prototype, excoriated as the original malinchista, ‘fascinated and seduced’ by all things foreign (in the words of Octavio Paz), or honoured as the symbolic mother of La Raza, she has served as a canvas onto which the ideological struggles over post-revolutionary Mexican (and Chicano) identity have been projected. This event explores the varied legacy of La Malinche in literature, art and popular culture, while at the same time seeking to capture the flickering traces of the historical figure described by the conquistador Bernal Díaz as ‘a most excellent woman’.

The symposium will proceed as follows:

2.30pm to 2.40pm Opening Remarks: Ignacio Durán and John King
2.40pm to 3.20pm
Session 1
Camilla Townsend: 'Malintzin’s Choices'
Rubén Gallo: 'Octavio Paz, Malinche and Oedipus'
Chair: John King
3.20pm to 3.50pm Discussion
3.50pm to 4.10pm Tea
4.10pm to 4.50pm
Session 2
Valerie Fraser: 'From the Lienzo de Tlaxcala to Orozco: La Malinche in Art'
Jimena Gorraez Belmar: 'Being La Malinche'
Chair: Rebecca Earle
4.50pm to 5.20pm Discussion
5.20pm to 5.30pm Concluding Remarks: Rebecca Earle


For information, and to register for the lecture and symposium, please contact Sue Dibben, Humanities Research Centre, by Monday 23 November 2009.