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Multifractal and other analyses in the Centre for Scientific Computing

Dr Rudolf A Römer, Director of the Centre for Scientific Computing, will give a keynote seminar entitled "Multifractal and other analyses in the Centre for Scientific Computing" from 12pm to 1pm on Tuesday 24 November 2009 in the Digital Laboratory Auditorium.

Entrance is free of charge, but there are only 100 seats, so make sure you come early to ensure a place.

What the Disordered Quantum Systems (DisQS) research group studies in its research, is how to understand systems which are quantum-mechanical (in the sense that their wave-nature is important), while at the same time being classically-point-like in the sense that they are interacting by point-to-point interactions (like the Coulomb force). This interplay of quantum-interference and interactions gives rise to a number of unexpected, so-called mesoscopic or even nanoscopic phenomena. A paradigmatic example of such systems is the so-called Anderson model of localization and I will review some recent results, particularly those concerned with multifractal analysis and large-scale diagonalization techniques.