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Open Studies Dayschool - Life Drawing Dayschool

Saturday 16 June, 10am-4pm. The Herbert, Jordan Well, Coventry.

This one-day workshop provides students with an opportunity to study the human form in greater depth and detail. It is suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced artist. There will be the opportunity for either a structured or experimental approach according to the needs of the students. We will also look at the work of other artists who specialised in the study of life drawing. There will be time to study the historical and modern approach to life drawing and painting techniques to give a better insight. Have a go at developing new skills and building upon existing skills in a friendly and relaxed setting.

For more information contact the Open Studies department on or ring ext. 73739.

The course costs £25 or you can use your Warwick Learning Account vouchers. For more information on the Warwick Learning Account, visit