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Pattern Formation in Particle Systems

Monday 25th February 2008, 10:00-19:00, Physical Sciences (am) & Mathematics Institute (lunch and pm), Main Campus


Pattern formation occurs in a wide variety of natural contexts, ranging from biology to physics. Despite the differences between these systems, the patterns that appear display common features, indicating some kind of universal underlying structure. Particle systems, in particular, have proven to be a rich class of models to understand these features. The appearance and evolution of these phenomena has been a focus of recent research activity across several disciplines.

This workshop will:

  1. introduce these topics via a set of general invited talks accessible to research students and
  2. illustrate the current research frontier by a group of more advanced presentations.

Speakers Will Include:

  • M. Pica Ciamarra (Napoli)
  • P. Richard and A. Valence (Rennes)
  • O. Dauchot (Paris), M. Swift (Nottingham)
  • P. Thomas and S. Grosskinsky (Warwick)
  • J. Yeomans (Oxford)
  • D.E. Wolf (Duisburg)

There is no registration fee but please register online in advance

Further details can be found at the Centre for Complexity Science

Contact: for more information