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Renaissance and Early Modern Studies at Warwick 2007

The interdisciplinary study of the Renaissance has been a strong feature of the University of Warwick since the appointment of John Hale as the founding professor of History in 1964. In the past, Warwick staff also included such outstanding scholars of the Renaissance as Martin Lowry, Nicholas Mann, Michael Mallett, and Paul Hills, and the strong tradition continues today with many very eminent early modernists in Professorial positions. The Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, the Research Centre which acts as an umbrella for this expertise, currently has twenty-four staff members drawn from the departments of English, French, History, History of Art, and Italian. There is also a large cohort of research students spread across these departments.

On Wednesday 21st March 2007 the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance is holding the first of what we hope will become an annual one day interdisciplinary conference. The purpose is to share our collective Warwick knowledge of the Renaissance and Early Modern Period. Research students from all departments will be presenting their work, and academic staff will disseminate information about their research projects. Anyone interested in the period is very welcome to attend.

We are proud to announce that our keynote speakers will be Jonathan Bate and Eric Ives.

Further details and a full list of panels can be found on the webpage:

For further information please contact Justine Williams, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance: