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Researching Animals

In light of the ‘animal turn’ it is timely to explore how researching animals is developing within and across disciplines. There is a growing interest within the social sciences and humanities in exploring the place of animals in society and culture, an interest that has been linked to significant societal shifts and potential transformations in human-animal relationships.

Challenges have been mounted to humano-centric views of the world and to the way in which animals have been studied as objects rather than as active subjects co-constituting the social world. Questions have been raised about how animals should be treated: Are they moral subjects? Should they have rights? How can their welfare be ensured? What is the nature of animal agency?

These questions cross disciplinary boundaries and have important social and political implications. This speculative lunch aims to explore these questions, to stimulate cross-disciplinary communication and to establish a network of researchers in the field of interdisciplinary animal studies.

This event is open to staff and postgraduates. For further information contact Deborah Butler at

Event details

Date: 15 March

Time: 12.00-1.30pm

Location: Milburn House