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Towards quantitive and predictive electro-physiology of uterine system

At a Glance
Date: Thursday 1 December
Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Location: Clinical Sciences Research Laboratories
Open To: Staff and students
Cost: Free
Summary: A seminar by Professor Henggui Zhang on 'Towards quantitative and predictive electro-physiology of uterine system'.

Professor Henggui Zhang, Professor of Biological Physics at the University of Manchester, will present this seminar on 'Towards quantitative and predictive elector-physiology of uterine system'.

One of the current grand challenges is to predict the functions of a biological system. To tackle this challenge, one needs to develop an interdisciplinary platform that integrates details of experimental data obtained from a biological system at multi-spatial and temporal scales into a mathematical model that can reproduce the dynamical behaviours of the system. After well validation, the model is expected to be able to predict changes in dynamics of the system arising from defected ion channel properties due to disease-induced remodelling or genetic mutations. In this talk, Professor Zhang will outline the progress of an on-going project - the development of biophysically detailed model for uterine systems.

Transport will be provided from the Medical Teaching Centre at Gibbet Hill to the Clinical Sciences Research Laboratories at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. For details please contact Kimberley Thomas at kimberly dot thomas at warwick dot ac dot uk.

The seminar series is presented by Warwick Medical School's Division of Reproductive Health.