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"A Journey to Tajikistan" Exhibition

The Lord Rootes Memorial Fund proudly presents the exhibition "A Journey to Tajikistan" in Millburn House from Monday 19 October to Friday 30 October (Weeks 3 & 4). You can view this mixed media exhibition in the Millburn House Foyer at any time from 10am to 6pm between these dates. Anyone is welcome to drop in and have a look.

The exhibition follows a summer's worth of travel and research across central Asia by a recent Warwick graduate and boasts a large collection of original photography and other media.

Using photography as a basis, the exhibition studies modern Tajikistan from a cultural perspective, exploring its growing identity and constructing narratives of daily life. Tajikistan has officially been a country for 20 years since the break up of the Soviet Union, and is still finding its feet both economically and domestically.