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The Cultural Industries and the Creative Industries: Why the Difference Matters

Wednesday 21 February, 16:30-18:30. B2.13/14, Science Concourse

Front cover of The Cultural Industries by David HesmondhalghWhat's the difference between 'the cultural industries' and 'the creative industries'? How have they emerged as major concepts as well as significant social and business forces, promoted by central Government?

In this open seminar, David Hesmondhalgh will present arguments from the forthcoming 2nd edition of his book The Cultural Industries in which he takes issue with the concept of 'creative industries' and offers a critique of the ways in which official discourse has constructed our frameworks of understanding.

David Hesmondhalgh is a senior lecturer in Sociology and Media Studies with the Open University. From April 2007, he will join the University of Leeds in the field of Media and Music Industries in the Institute of Communications Studies.

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