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The Dynamics of Contemporary Immigration to Italy: Sociological and Literary Perspectives

Wednesday 7 May, 3pm - 6pm, S0.11, Social Studies

This interdisciplinary workshop on Italian immigration aims at developing a new understanding of migrants as narrating subjects. For this purpose, current migration flows toward Italy and their main socio-economic factors will be analysed in the light of migrants’ textual and discursive practices. Central topics of discussion will be strategies for resisting cultural assimilation and for negotiating alternative spaces of enunciation of the migratory experience.

The event will feature speakers:

Professor Enrico Pugliese, University of Naples
The Mediterranean Model of International Migration: The 'Italian Case'

Professor Derek Duncan, University of Bristol
The Cultural Visibility of Migrants in Italy: The Demands and Limits of Testimony

Professor Robin Cohen, University of Oxford
Principal discussant

Attendance to the workshop is free. However, you are required to register in advance. Please email if you would like to attend.