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Time Management


Time Management


Friday 13th July 2007


9.00 to 5.00 pm (lunch will be provided)


One day

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The aim of this one-day workshop is to help participants to manage their time more effectively. It is aimed at staff who want to make changes to become more efficient in how they spend their time.

There are two key steps in managing your time effectively. The first is to be clear about your priorities, including the balance you wish between work and non-work activities. The second is to spend your time in ways which reflect these priorities.

Participants on the workshop will be expected to do two pieces of preparation. First, they will keep a log of how they spend their time during a typical week. Second, they will gather some feedback from others on how they see their role and their priorities.

Participants will spend time during the workshop assessing how they currently spend their time, clarifying their role, defining their priorities, considering the work-life balance they desire, and making goals and plans to manage their time more effectively.

This workshop will be very participative, and it is important that participants are prepared to reflect honestly on what is important to them and to share their thinking with one or two other participants.

Aimed at

All staff in academic and non academic departments


Careers Seminar Room, Ground Floor, University House

Lead by

Bob Thomson, Management Development Adviser, Centre for Academic and Professional Development

Contact for more booking information

Val Bentick, Administrator Centre for Academic and Professional Development



Information will be sent to you when your place is booked on keeping a log of how you spend your time during a typical week

How to request a place

Please discuss your training needs and your reasons for wishing to attend the session with your line manager. Both you and your manager are asked to complete our brief application form and return it to Val Bentick, at the Centre for Academic and Professional Development.

We will contact you to let you know if you have a place.