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Transferable Skills of the Actor Workshop

Monday 30 April. 10am-1pm for university staff. 2-5pm for postgraduates in the Faculty of Arts. The CAPITAL Centre at Millburn House

On 30 April Lyn Darnley and Alison Bomber of the RSC's Voice Department will lead two workshops exploring the skills of the actor in presenting ideas. These workshops address the central objective of CAPITAL: to apply the nature and practice of performance to teaching and learning throughout the University.

Numbers for each workshop are limited to ten and each consists of two separate sessions. The first will consider using vocal energy posture and body language to achieve the desired impact. The second session challenges assumptions as listeners and speakers and investigates holding the space, status and how we convey it, and keeping ideas fresh, in order to maximise audience response. These are not merely presentations skills workshops but highly interactive sessions aimed at anyone interested in discovering how to select from a range of voice and performance techniques to achieve a greater impact on others.

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