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Using a Virtual World for Teaching and Learning

Monday 3rd March 2008, 14:00-17:00, Seminar Room, Ground Floor University House

Second Life is a virtual world already being used for a range of educational activities. This is an opportunity to explore some of the (virtual) reality behind the hype.

This workshop will include:

  • An introduction to interacting with and within Second Life.
  • An introduction to some of the concepts and language involved in virtual worlds
  • An understanding of some of the issues concerned with communicating and teaching using Second Life
  • A knowledge of some of the educational venues in Second Life More information at

More information is available at:

Attendance is free of charge and open to all Academic and Research staff interested in exploring new ideas for teaching

Places must be Booked Online (15 Available)

For more information on the workshop content:
Contact Mark Childs, x74057, Learning and Development Centre

For more information on the workshop arrangements:
Contact Helen Ireland x72873, Learning and Development Centre.