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Volunteering Work in Calcutta

Thursday 14 January, 6pm - 7pm, H051, Humanities Building

An opportunity has arisen for some Warwick students to travel to the suburbs of Calcutta for work experience in one of India's most famous Psychiatric Hospitals, Antara, opened by Mother Theresa in the 70s. This opportunity also brings the chance to get involved in some really good charity work with Friends of Antara UK and to benefit from invaluable work experience.

This talk will provide more information on the opportunities available and how to register your interest.

If you can’t attend the talk you are welcome to email the organiser Suzy Hodge on However, you are recommended to attend the talk if possible, to enable you to understand the opportunity and also show a keen interest in wanting to win the placement.

Owing to high interest in the past, there will be interviews for this placement. Regardless of your course, the organisers are looking to recruit from Warwick, so please come along and find out more.