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WMI - Conference on Geometry and Topological Field Theories

Monday 31st March - Saturday 5th April 2008

This conference is part of the 2007-2008 Warwick Maths Institute EPSRC Symposium.

It will be devoted to recent developments in the study of the geometry and integrability of topological QFT and string theory. The spectrum of ideas to be explored range from the physics of string theory, topological QFT, the formalism of tt* equations and their classical limits, to mathematical rigorous notions such as Dubrovin's Frobenius structures on manifolds and Hertling's TERP structures. Furthermore, the current developments on extending these structures to open strings, to manifolds with prescribed submanifolds and bundles, the so-called D-branes, will be a focus of the conference.

Visit the Conference website for more information on this event, including a list of confirmed speakers. See the main Symposium website for details of the symposium as a whole, including a calendar of all events occurring and how to register for a place on any conference or workshop.