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Workshop - Building a Low Carbon Society

Thursday 3 July, 10am-4.30pm. Radcliffe Conference Centre.


The University is supporting a scoping study into the idea of a research initiative focussed on the Low Carbon Society, as part of the new University Strategy which aims to establish three multidisciplinary centres of research excellence at Warwick.

This reflects the growing policy interest and research funding on the subject of climate change. While much of the research on climate change so far has focussed on understanding its physical impact, there has been much less emphasis on understanding the implications of a low-carbon society. The key issues in this area revolve around the development and deployment of new technology; the establishment of national and international political frameworks; the use of economic instruments; and behavioural change.

To explore these issues properly will require a combination of inputs from the physical and biological sciences and the social sciences; in all three areas Warwick already has considerable research strengths.

Workshop Objectives


  • To raise awareness of the possibilities of collaborative physical, biological and social science research across campus and beyond on issues related to the Low Carbon Society.
  • To identify Warwick’s distinctive contribution in this potentially competitive arena, building on our existing research strengths.
  • To identify potential internal and external partnerships.
  • To scope out the next steps for developing and promoting existing research and for developing new research directions

Structure of the Day

The morning session will feature a brief introduction to the research area from Professor Andrew Sentance, followed by case studies which aim to highlight areas of potential collaborative research related to the Low Carbon Society – particularly focussing on energy and transport. The emphasis will be on short presentations (maximum 15 mins) allowing plenty of time for discussion.

The afternoon session will focus on next steps related to the objectives identified above. Delegates will be invited to discuss these issues in small groups, before coming together for a closing plenary discussion.



This workshop is open to all Warwick academic staff. If you would like to register your interest in attending or suggest presentations for the morning session, please go to


For any more information, please contact Steve Jones in RSS on or ext. 24760