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National Grid Road Works

National Grid has informed the University that a number of essential roadworks will be taking place over the forthcoming months. This essential work on the local gas network must be carried out to adhere to HSE (Health and Safety Executive) policy and National Grid is therefore required to complete it. The University is liaising with National Grid to ensure that the roadworks do not coincide with any key University dates, such as Graduation week or the end of term.

The programme may be subject to change. Where any changes are made, we will keep you informed as soon as we have the information from National Grid.

Latest News: Further updates are being provided as and when we receive them. Check for the latest news.

Friday 10 September 2010: National Grid has today informed the University that they need to carry out excavation work to connect a mains gas pipe on a section of the Stoneleigh Road near to the junction with Kenilworth and Gibbet Hill roads, and this will require the operation of four-way temporary traffic lights from Monday 13 September for approximately one month. This means that during this period the traffic flow at this junction will be managed into one lane through the section of Stoneleigh Road. This is new information which National Grid had not previously shared with the University. The University had not previously been informed that further roadworks would be undertaken at the Gibbet Hill Road junction after Gibbet Hill Road reopened.

See for more information.

08.09.2010: We are pleased to report that National Grid has informed the University that the Gibbet Hill Road will be reopened from Monday 13 September.

They will be making the gas pipe connection on Gibbet Hill Road on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 September, followed by filling in of excavations and re-surfacing of the road on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 September. Gibbet Hill Road will then be reopened late on Sunday 12 September, in time for rush hour traffic on the morning of Monday 13 September.

Four-way temporary traffic lights will be in operation to manage the traffic flow at the junction from Monday, so please be aware that there may be some minor delays when travelling along this route to campus. These temporary traffic lights will stay in place for a short while gas pipe works continue along the Kenilworth Road towards Kenilworth from this junction. Further information on the duration of the temporary traffic lights will be posted as soon as we have it.

Map of Upcoming Road Works

Map of the upcoming road works
Related Information
Gibbet Hill Road
From Monday 16 August 2010
For 3 to 5 Weeks

Gibbet Hill Road will be completely closed at the junction with Kenilworth/Coventry/Stoneleigh Road, meaning it will not be possible to access the Gibbet Hill campus or main campus from Kenilworth/Coventry/Stoneleigh Road during this period. 3-way temporary traffic lights will be in operation at the junction.

Cars will be diverted along the public highways. Diversion routes will be clearly signposted. University members approaching campus from the A46 will be diverted along the Kenilworth Road (towards Coventry), turning left onto the A45, left onto Charter Avenue and approaching main campus from Kirby Corner Road.

Alternatively, University members who want access to central campus will be able to use the entrance at Lynchgate Road (by the Claycroft residences). This access point will be open between 8am-12pm for incoming traffic and 2pm–7pm for outgoing traffic. There will be no access for vehicles between 12pm-2pm.

Information on bus diversions from Travel Coventry and De Courcey is now available here.

Pedestrian access to Gibbet Hill Road will be maintained throughout.

Dalehouse Lane
From Friday 9 July 2010
For 6 Weeks

Dalehouse Lane will be completely closed during this period. This does not coincide with the works on Stoneleigh Road.
16.09.2010 National Grid have advised that Dalehouse Lane reopened late on the evening of Thursday 16 September.
National Grid have apologised for the delay in completing the works on Dalehouse Lane and have advised that Warwick District Council have given them a two day extension from tomorrow, meaning that the road will re-open late on the evening of Friday 17 September.

Gibbet Hill Junction
From Monday 12 July 2010
For 2 to 3 Days

There will be four-way temporary traffic lights in place at the Kenilworth/Coventry/Stoneleigh/Gibbet Hill Road junction whilst National Grid make the connection. The road will not be closed during this period, but delays are obviously expected.

Stoneleigh Road
From Monday 7 June 2010
For 5 Weeks

Two-way temporary traffic lights will be in place on Stoneleigh Road during this period, close to the A46 end of the road. Priority will be given to inbound/outbound traffic at peak times. There's 600 metres of work to complete, with a maximum of 100 metres worked on at any one time. The road will not be closed at any point.