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2014's interns settle into their roles

Photo of intern Photo of intern

This year's Warwick Undergraduate Internship Programme (WUIP), which sees Warwick undergraduates taking part in 8-week internships around campus, started last week on Monday 4 August 2014.

All 11 interns have been given their own projects, each one aiming to make a lasting difference to the University. While they're helping us, they also have the chance to pick up a wide range of work-related skills and experience.

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Here's what some of our interns have to say about the programme so far:

Before beginning this internship, I was scared of everything. Especially my line managers.
Since starting on Monday however, I realize that was completely ridiculous of me. I don't feel like an intern, but more like regular staff."

For the past few days I was tasked with researching the contacts of foreign diplomats in London,
which would help the Partnership Team to form relationships with institutions all over the world.
I have settled in well and look forward to working in a different team and on new projects next week."

I would say that WUIP allows the interns to absorb as much as possible from this internship.
The other people in my department are really approachable and helpful."