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Warwick's 50th Anniversary – What are you planning?

2Exciting events will be run on and off campus and worldwide throughout the calendar year of 2015 for the University's 50th Anniversary.

As 2015 approaches we’d love to know what events and activities you and your department are planning or have already planned. Events will fall under one of the following categories:

Showcase: showcasing our campus and facilities.
International: celebrating our international presence, research, teaching and learning.
Success: acknowledging our spirit and achievements.
Connecting Alumni: providing opportunities to network and connect with the University.
Legacy: leaving a legacy for the next 50 years.

To submit an event simply fill in the online form, select a category and add as much details as possible.

The 50th Anniversary webpages are getting a lot of visitors who want to know what’s going on so fill in the form and they will advertise your event or activity on the website and put you in the calendar of events.