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Academic conferences at Warwick

wcConferences play an important part in most people’s academic careers: they provide the chance to review new insights and developments, build on your subject knowledge and meet colleagues from other institutions. However, taking the lead to not only attend but host these conferences offers an invaluable opportunity, creating a superb platform on which to present research and gain genuine feedback from specialists in their fields.

Hosting conferences

Since hosting a conference often means showcasing research in front of an international audience, it can lead to helping to shape the agenda within your field, therefore positioning you as a leader in your discipline and significantly boosting your profile and professional standing as an expert. Hosting also helps to forge national and international links with academic and industry peers, and establish global connections within your discipline. From an investment point of view, it can also facilitate effective research and development partnerships, and can increase the likelihood of securing funding for your department. It also raises the profile of the university as a whole, enhancing its global reputation and providing the opportunity to showcase its new facilities.

Ken Sloan, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer comments:

The University of Warwick is a world-class, research-led university, with award-winning conferencing facilities. These are complementary strengths that can and should go hand-in-hand: Warwick Conferences is perfectly placed to support University academics in their bid to host relevant conferences, and therefore help to generate new and interesting opportunities for research partnerships and networking. With over 40 years’ experience as an industry leader, the Warwick Conferences team also guarantees the expertise needed to bring prestige and success to an event.

Warwick Conferences are true advocates of the University’s knowledgeable and distinguished academic community, and academic conferences looking to visit the UK would greatly value the opportunity to engage with Warwick researchers who are international authorities in their fields. The participation of Warwick academics can also afford many opportunities to the individual, their department, and the University as a whole.”

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