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Public Lecture: Happiness Around the World

Photo of Andrew Oswald

As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, Professor Andrew Oswald, Department of Economics, will give his lecture "Happiness Around the World: An introduction to the Scientific Evidence".

What determines the happiness of nations, and why do certain countries, like Denmark and the Netherlands, regularly appear at the top of the international happiness rankings? Andrew Oswald will describe what is known about the forces that mould the well-being of whole nations. His talk will be non-technical and will cover the influence of factors such as the welfare state, air quality, and the role of genes. There will be time for questions and open discussion from the floor.

The lecture will take place on Tuesday 4 November, from 12.45pm to 2pm in the Studio, Warwick Arts Centre. The lecture is open to anyone who'd like to attend.

To register or to find out more about the Festival of Social Sciences, see the Economics website.