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Behind the scenes: Bradley Glover

Our Open Days are a chance for thousands of visitors to get a taste of what it's like to live and study at Warwick.

Find out what's involved from the people who help to make it all happen.

Bradley Glover

Undergraduate student, Warwick Business School
Role for Open Days: Warwick Welcome Service Student Ambassador

I'm usually...

at Warwick Business School, where I’m a final year undergraduate studying for a BSc in Management. The main student society I'm involved with is AIESEC Warwick, an international youth leadership development society which creates leadership opportunities through exchange programs abroad. I went to China last summer for three months with AIESEC to teach kids English, which was an incredible and truly eye-opening experience.

As one of the student ambassadors for Warwick Welcome Service I give campus tours throughout the year, for those who miss our main Open Days.

I’ve also been involved in lots of work as a Widening Participation Ambassador, working with schools and colleges to raise aspirations and attainment among pupils. I work with different age groups – for example setting ‘campus challenges’ for year 7 pupils, and helping sixth formers to understand UCAS and write their personal statements.

At Open Days I...

have lots of different jobs, depending on what’s needed! Along with the other student ambassadors I take campus tours, including specialist campus tours – ie those led by people who know a specific area very well, such as tours of the sports centre or residential halls.

I’ve also been based in the welcome tent, at the park and ride, and at the exhibition centre in the digilab.

My personal favourite is...

working within the welcome tent. Our visitors all come to the welcome tent to register, and collect a lanyard and a bunch of Warwick goodies – along with a smile!

Usually 10,000 people come through the welcome tent, and sometimes there can be a queue, but our role is to be patient and be able to give out a lot of information quickly.

I work as hard as I can to give the best first impression possible, because it really counts.

What I enjoy the most about Open Days is...

getting to be part of our visitor’s first impression of Warwick. I aim to start people’s day well, in the way in which you hope it will go on.

Six or seven student ambassadors are involved in the welcome tent, the people you work with are awesome and you form a lot of very close friendships.

Not everyone knows that...

the amount of flexibility required as part of the Warwick Welcome Service team is really impressive. During the day, student ambassadors can be moved from area to area, depending on the needs at different stalls and services. If a large group of people come looking for campus tours, student ambassadors are transferred from different areas to give tours. At the end of the day, we’re transferred from all over campus to help direct visitors for their return journey. You can end up doing three or four roles in one day, and the flexibility and communication skills of the team really help the day go as smoothly as possible.

My top tip for our visitors...

Don't make a decision on a university until you have physically visited it, and always, always, always go on a tour at any university you visit.

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