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Bone density screening: 7 May 2013

The Westwood Games Hall will be hosting a day of bone density screening on Tuesday 7 May 2013. Tests are being offered by the company Bone Matters at a cost of £30.

As well as screening for osteoporosis, Bone Matters aim to help you to reduce your risk of osteoporosis and fracture by finding out your weekly exercise, diet, and lifestyle routine and advising you about ways you might improve it. If you are thinking about having the test, but have questions you would like to ask before you decide, please visit or call Tracey or Isobel on 07825 556740.

To book a test, ring Tracey or Isobel on 07825 556740 or email info at bonematters dot co dot uk. The appointment will take place in the Westwood Games Hall Lecture Room and will take approximately 15 minutes. Results and advice are given immediately.

Further information

For information and advice about osteoporosis, including scans and tests, please visit the National Osteporosis Society website