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Bookfest 2014: extra events

bfWith BookFest 2014 just under 2 weeks away, two special extra events with ex-CIA agent Tony Mendez have just been announced for Friday 16 May.

At 3.30pm on the 16 May, there is a special BookFest film screening of ARGO (2012) in the Arts Centre cinema, offering an opportunity to see the Oscar-winning film introduced by a special Q&A session with Tony Mendez - the ex-CIA agent portrayed by Ben Affleck in the film.

The film is FREE to BookFest ticket holders and £5.10 to others. Visit the BookFest pages for more details of how to get your ticket.

On Friday evening there’s the chance to attend “Dinner with a Spy”. Enjoy a private dining experience with Tony Mendez as one of only 15 guests at this exclusive dinner. Over a 3 course meal, you'll be able to find out more about the Argo operation first-hand and talk to Tony Mendez about his extraordinary career as a CIA agent.

Visit the BookFest pages for full details of the evening event.

You can also see Tony Mendez's main BookFest event at 6.45pm on Sunday 18 May.

BookFest highlights

Other highlights over the Festival weekend include Louis de Bernières talking about his latest work, a panel of Guardian journalists and intelligence experts debate whether Edward Snowden is a traitor or a hero, and top historical fiction writers William Palmer, Andrew Crumey and Anita Mason on a panel about the popularity of historical fiction.

Tickets for all events can be purchased from the Arts Centre box office on 024 765 24524 or online. A limited number of day tickets are available, or can be purchased for individual events.

Find out more…

See the full programme(Powerpoint Presentation) or find out more online at and follow them on twitter @bookfestwarwick