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New campus and commercial services group

�CentralThe University is establishing a new Campus and Commercial Services Group bringing together all of the departments and units that deliver campus services to the University community.

Those services include: Warwick’s national award winning conference businesses; campus facilities such as Warwick Sport and the Arts Centre that draw people from far beyond the campus; services such as Unitemps and Warwick Print that supply customers across our region; and retail operations serving 30,000 people on our campus alone. Each of those services has a great team delivering them but now they will all benefit from being able to share the knowledge and ability across those talented teams.

Registrar & Chief Operating Officer Ken Sloan says:

We have great people at Warwick with fantastic knowledge and skills providing the University with high-value services. By establishing this new Campus and Commercial Services Group we are creating a network which will increase collaborative working and the sharing of knowledge, ensuring the continued vitality of campus. It will help to grow and enhance the quality and range of services we provide to our staff, students and visitors. It will also help guarantee our autonomy through increased financial independence.

Our campus and commercial services represent a distinctive element of the Warwick experience and the Warwick story. I am committed to the on-going development of these services.”

The new Campus and Commercial Services Group will be overseen by an executive, chaired by the Registrar. Senior leadership will be provided by Jonathan Bailey (Operations), Mike Roberts (Campus Services, including his current responsibility for IT Services) and a third to-be-appointed director with responsibility for Business Development across the division. Rosie Drinkwater, Group Finance Director, and Bob Wilson, Estates Director, complete the executive group.

Ken Sloan adds:

Over the course of this term we will also be launching a small number of new networks to make it easier for colleagues in our central and academic departments to collaborate in ensuring that Warwick's administration delivers what is needed".