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Campus developments update

kcmAs we’re nearing the start of term, we’d like to update you on the progress of the campus development works currently taking place. For a full, detailed list of the construction projects taking place and scheduled in over the coming months, visit the Keep Campus Moving website.

We continue to actively monitor and adapt the traffic and pedestrian routes and are working together with Coventry City Council and Costain on this complex project. We’ll keep you updated as we reach each milestone.

Comprehensive plans are in place to minimise disruption to students, staff and the wider community during Arrivals Weekend, Open Day and International Orientation.

Completion dates

The following works will be complete during early October:

  • The northbound lane of Gibbet Hill Road (from Gibbet Hill Campus to Kirby Corner Road). This lane will be open to all traffic apart from buses serving campus. Buses will continue to operate as they are doing now until early November.
  • The right hand turn onto Gibbet Hill campus will be complete, with all traffic lights removed.
  • A temporary pedestrian route from Scarman Road to central campus around the WBS building will be maintained and a temporary path across the grass towards the Physics building will be installed and later paved.
  • One third of the new Arts Centre roundabout will be open. This will allow buses and essential vehicles easy access to University Road.

The following works will finish in early November:

  • Laying granite on the southbound lane of Gibbet Hill Road (from Scarman Roundabout to the new Arts Centre roundabout). Gibbet Hill Road will be completely open to all traffic after this.
  • Laying granite around the Scarman roundabout, with temporary 4-way traffic lights and pedestrian diversions in place to ensure your safety whilst the work is completed.

The following works will finish by the start of the Spring term:

  • Works on the crossing islands around Scarman roundabout and the surrounding footpaths. Until completion, signposted pedestrian diversions will remain in place.

The following works are due to be complete by Easter 2015:

  • The junction between Gibbet Hill Road, Kenilworth Road and Stoneleigh Road will be turned into a roundabout. All works on this junction will be timed to minimised disruption to your journey, with traffic restrictions in place at off peak times whenever possible.
  • Our work on the new Bus Interchange by the Arts Centre and on the new Central Plaza next to the Piazza will continue until Easter 2015.

Work on the NAIC commences

We’ll start work on the new National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) on 15 September, on the field surrounding car park 15 and in the surface area of car park 15. During autumn term some spaces will be closed in the surface area car park while a new entry and exit are built around the side of the multi-storey.

The surface area of car park 15 will permanently close towards the end of the autumn term. Find out more about the new planned car parks.