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Campus wayfinding: Get involved

Campus wayfinding strands graphicShare your views on campus wayfinding: how we help staff, students and visitors get to and around campus, including maps, signage, car parking and more.

What is campus wayfinding about?

The current campus development and investment programme provides a unique opportunity to consider the campus experience as a whole, create a consistent approach to wayfinding across campus, enhance information available to visitors and the impressions they are left with.

Campus wayfinding is a programme that will be developed in consultation with stakeholders to improve this experience and create consistent information and touch points for first time visitors and regular campus staff and students.

Get involved

Registration is now open for workshops on:

  • Interactive and functionality tools (1 October 2014)
  • Car parking (4 November 2014)
  • Journey to campus (2 December 2014)

Register to attend

Future workshops, in spring 2015, will look at:

  • Design styles for pedestrian wayfinding - 'first impressions'
  • Building wayfinding and internal /external signage
  • Leaving campus – creating a lasting impression

A workshop on campus maps has already taken place.

Find out more and get involved