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Chancellor's Scholarships

Students and potential students have until Friday 11 January 2013 to apply for Chancellor's Scholarships, awards which support postgraduate research study.

Warwick has invested an additional £700,000 in Chancellor's Scholarships this year, and increased the duration to 3.5 years.

Find out more, including how to apply, and get top tips for a strong application.

Professor Jacqueline Labbe, Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies, said:

Warwick is one of the UK’s top ten research intensive universities and almost 45% of our students are postgraduates. Warwick has sought to build further on that success and since 2006/7 has adopted a goal of doubling its postgraduate research population by 2015/16.

We are well on track to achieve this goal - since 2006/07 the postgraduate research student population at Warwick has increased from 1102 to 1796 (2011/12 entry), representing a percentage increase of 62.98%

We also recognise that the best students deserve the best level of support we can devise, and I am very pleased that from 2013 students to whom we award University funding will be supported for 3.5 years rather than the sector standard of 3 years."