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China in Focus: The China Forum 2013

Warwick’s annual Chinese Academic Forum returns this Saturday, 2 February 2013. The Forum aims to facilitate understanding and acceptance between the East and the West, through open and unbiased academic discussions in English encouraged by exposure to different perspectives on contemporary Chinese issues.

Chinese experts from different sectors of society will be speaking on contemporary Chinese issues, including Rod Wye (Associate Fellow at Chatham House and Research councilor for FCO), Phillip Dodd (Founder of Made in China and BBC Broadcaster) and Guy De Jonquieres (Financial Times columnist and Senior Fellow at ECIPE). The event aims to give delegates an increased understanding and respect of the divergent views on Chinese affairs as well as a very rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience.

The Forum is organised by student society China in Focus. A China Forum edition of their magazine ‘The China Review’ will be available, containing contributions from professionals and students based both in the UK and China.

Due to the generosity of sponsors this year the organisers are able to provide free admission, lunch and a wine reception for all registered delegates.

Find out more on the China Forum website.