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Call for nominations for non-academic member of staff on the Council

Under the procedures for the selection and appointment of a non-academic member of staff to the Council, all members of non-academic staff within the University are invited to submit nominations for appointment for the period October 2013 to 31 July 2016.

Nominations for the position of non-academic member of staff on the Council must be proposed and seconded by members of non-academic staff and have the written consent of the nominee.

All nominations should be forwarded to the Deputy Registrar via the Head of Institutional Governance Services, Pippa Glover P dot J dot Glover at warwick dot ac dot uk, by Monday 2 September. Valid nominations received by this date will be considered and the recommendation of the Nominations Committee will subsequently be considered by the Senate at its meeting on 2 October 2013 (provisional date).

The non-academic member of staff appointed to the Council will not normally be drawn from an academic or central administrative area of the University, the objective being to broaden the range of experience and understanding of the University’s operations and activities which may be drawn on by the Council.

When considering the nominations put forward, the need to appoint a member of staff who is willing and able to take an active role in the work of the Council and who demonstrates a broad understanding of the work and operation of the University across the range of its activities will be taken into account.

Nominations must therefore be accompanied by a clear statement detailing how the nominee meets these criteria for appointment.

You can view the full membership of the Council.

If you have any questions, please contact the Head of Institutional Governance Services in the first instance, Pippa Glover P dot J dot Glover at warwick dot ac dot uk.