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Creative Warwick is here: Join the conversation. Share your creative ideas. Be creative.

Creative Warwick is a campus-wide celebration of what makes us all creative as human beings and what you can do with that creativity if you apply it. Without creative thinking and bold people to bring ideas to life, Warwick wouldn’t have come this far in just 50 years. Just think what we can do in the future...

The core essence of Creative Warwick is a celebration of the huge range of enterprising, cultural, diverse, entertaining and innovative students we have here on campus and we’re driving a campaign to highlight our 250+ societies here on campus, encouraging them to share their passions and showcase them to our wider Warwick community. So get involved and show your support!

There are three main ways you can do this:

Tell us what you think creativity is – your input will help us to define a Creative Warwick strategy for the future
  • have you seen the letters out and about across campus? Find all of them and they spell out the words Creative. Write on them your thoughts about creativity – anything you can think of, we don’t want to limit your creative expression.
  • Share your thoughts about creativity in our video booth in the Warwick Arts Centre
  • Share your ideas about creativity using #Creative Warwick
Come along to one of the society-led events and experience, taste, enjoy and join in

From January to June, there will be a whole range of society-led events on campus - from dance to demonstrations, craft to comedy. All events are linked to a specific monthly theme to showcase a different creative thread:

  • January | Culture including Lunar New Year celebrations
  • February | Community
  • March | Innovation
  • April | Mind
  • May | Natural World
  • June | Performance

Take a look at the full calendar of events and get involved!

Help us spread the message and join in
  • Set up a creative activity in your department and share what you’re doing with us – we’ll let the wider community know
  • Use the Creative Warwick assets, download a poster and help us to promote Culture Week in your departments. You can suggest an idea for a student-led event and we’ll help to make it happen. Get in touch with Marissa Beatty in the Students' Union or Poonam Dave in the Office for Global Engagement