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Cycle crime prevention

�PCCampus Police Officer Mick Parkes is starting term with a couple of initiatives focused on crime prevention.

D locks for cyclists

From this Wednesday, 9 January 2013, Mick will be attaching free D locks to the crossbars of cycles that are outside halls of residence and are only secured with a cable lock. The locks will have a number attached to them and the key will be left at the security gatehouse 24/7 for collection. Cyclists will still be able to use the cycles prior to collecting the key.

From Monday 21 January, Mick will review the key collection at the gatehouse and secure those cycles where the owners have not collected the key. Cyclists will not be able to use the cycle from this date without attending the gatehouse.

Crime prevention advice

Mick, other uniformed officers and a student will be visiting hall kitchens between 7-9pm each evening during the week of 14-17 January, to deliver crime prevention advice.

Find out more about Mick's role and how to contact him