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New campus cycle route

The Estates Office have finished setting up a new cycle route across campus, making it easier for you to travel around the University in a more environmentally-friendly way. This route joins directly on to the Connect 2 Kenilworth cycle route that we opened in 2012, giving cyclists from the University and the surrounding community a clear route from Kenilworth through to Cannon Park via campus.

The route runs all the way from Cryfield Sports Pavilions (the end of Connect 2 Kenilworth) to the junction of Sir William Lyons Road and Lynchgate Road. To make sure the route is safe, we've created an island refuge and drop kerbs on University Road, and put cycle signs along the route.

This all comes as part of the University's Travel Plan. Helping staff and students to live more environmentally sustainable lives is part of the University's Strategy: "Encourage everyone to take an active role in achieving key environmental goals" (goal 5.5).