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Email issues: forwarding to non-Warwick accounts

IT Services are aware of an issue affecting emails forwarded from University email accounts to external email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. If you read your emails on the Microsoft Office 365 website (, or via Outlook or another mail client such as Thunderbird connecting directly to a University email account, then this issue does not affect you and no action is required on your part.

If, however, you forward your Warwick email to a third party service such as Gmail or Yahoo then there is a risk that the forwarded email is being flagged as spam. Depending on the email service that the message is being forwarded to, it may be silently dropped or placed in a spam folder.

ITS are working with Microsoft on this issue, but in the interim our guidance on email access is unchanged; whenever possible, please access university email directly, rather than routinely forwarding it to another email account and reading it there.