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Email maintenance work September 2013

Update Tuesday 10 September

Microsoft have confirmed that the upgrade is taking longer than anticipated and they are working to complete the process as soon as possible. At this point, they are unable to give a estimated completion date and staff are encouraged to try the repair link to enable them to use the Outlook Exchange Client.

If you are still experiencing problems, plese contact the Help Desk on ext. 73737.

Update Monday 9 September

We are still awaiting confirmation from Microsoft that the maintenance work on our Office 365 email system has completed. If you are experiencing problems accessing your email from the Outlook Exchange Client, please try the repair link.

If you still are experiencing problems, please contact the Help Desk on ext. 73737.

Email maintenance work 7 and 8 September

emailMicrosoft will be performing maintenance work on our Office 365 email system commencing the weekend of 7/8 September.

How will I be affected?

  • If you are using your email (via Outlook or OWA) whilst your mail box is being updated, you will be required to sign back in once the work has completed.
  • If you have delegated access to another email account, this will not be available whilst the email account in question is upgraded.
  • If you use resource mailboxes or shared calendars, access will be unavailable whilst they are being upgraded. Access will be restored after both the resource and your mailbox have been upgraded.

The look and feel of OWA will change – more information on the changes made is available online.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the IT Help Desk or call 73737.