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European Elections 2014 - Thursday 22 May

Today is the chance to vote in the Local and European elections.

Local Elections

Not all areas of the country will have local elections. If you live in Coventry or on campus (east of Gibbet Hill Road), you will be eligible to vote in the local election for Coventry - the candidate list for positions can be found HERE. However, if you live west of Gibbet Hill Road, or in Kenilworth or Leamington, there are no current local elections being held. For a full breakdown of where local elections are being held in England and Northern Ireland, you can refer to the BBC Website.

European Parliament Elections

The European Parliament election is to decide which members will represent the UK in the European Parliament. Unlike with national or local elections, you vote for a party to represent you, not an individual. The successful parties then select members themselves. All voters registered in the UK can take part.

How to vote

You may remember that last month we reminded students to register to vote, the deadline for which was 6 May. If you are registered to vote, you will have received a poll card with instructions on how and where to vote on today (Thursday 22 May). In order to vote, ensure you make your way to the designated polling station on your poll card (you do not have to take the poll card with you to vote).

If you have any further questions or queries, visit for more information or email if you’d like to contact the Students’ Union regarding the election. If you are living on campus and are unsure whether you are in the Coventry or Warwick wards for voting, you can check with the University’s Senate Reception on 02476 523772.