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Guidance for Boards of Examiners – summer 2018

There is additional guidance for members of Boards of Examiners and Mitigating Circumstances Panels to use this summer on how to manage any issues with marks arising from disruption and cancellation of teaching due to industrial action in term 2. This guidance draws on the University’s existing policies, and aims to enable Boards to work consistently and consider all students equitably – whether or not industrial action impacted the provision of teaching on their course.

Key features of the guidance are:

  • Working within existing policies designed to ensure equity, consistency and transparency in decision-making
  • Managing mitigating circumstances cases
  • Applying guidance on scaling
  • Setting aside impacted marks
  • External examiners must be involved in all aspects of decision-making
  • Detailed records of decision-making and evidence is crucial for any future internal and external auditing purposes.

This guidance has been shared with academic Heads of Department and with undergraduate students and is available to view on the Examinations web pages. If you have any questions, please contact academic dot continuity at warwick dot ac dot uk.