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Welcome to the Exams Section

The Examinations Section of the Academic Office is responsible for organising annually well in excess of a thousand different examinations which are sat by over fifteen thousand students across the University.

Please note that some examinations (e.g. Language Centre exams and some taught postgraduate exams) are organised by the relevant teaching department - please contact the department concerned for information about these.

Contacting the Exams Section

If you have any enquiries about examinations please email or call us on 024 7652 3633 (University extension 23633).

Personal Timetables

Please note that personal timetables will be unavailable for a 2 hour period during 17:00 and 19:00 on 21st May. You should be able to access personal timetables as usual, after this time.

Upcoming Events

Module Registration

Access to the eVision Module Registration (eMR) system is now closed to students. You may still view your module/exam registrations via the eVision module registration screen but may not now make any further changes.

If there are any problems or issues relating to your module/exam registrations you must now bring these to the attention of the appropriate staff member(s) in your academic department as soon as possible.

The module registration process timetable allows a further period in weeks 1 - 3 of the Spring Term for students to make further amendments to their modules and/or assessment methods for the academic year 2018/19. Module registration will be opened for amendments by students at this time where permitted by their academic departments.